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Ever faced the challenge of reviewing recorded data and found it was useless? Most camera systems fail for the following reasons:

1. Use of the wrong camera.

2. Placing the right camera in the wrong place.

3. No sight plan.

4. Not getting the most out of your equipment.

5. Insufficient training.

Most customers are completely mistaken about their camera systems and have a false feeling of security.  Many may purchase a system and install it themselves only to find that the system they have does not “water mark” the recording so it cannot be used in court. 

Why spend your money on something that doesn’t work? Take your time and buy from a company who completes a site plan showing your coverage.  A security company who can explain and demonstrate how camera resolution, positioning, lighting, and image detail can make the difference.  Make sure you are provided with a site plan and maintenance of your system that will provide security for years to come.  You want more than a picture you want recognition quality!

Call Grapevine for you’re your system needs,  We have completed the  Video Security Systems CCTV Certification from VIT .

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